Company Info

Company Info

Chipkos is a lifestyle-oriented shopping site company that specializes in socially conscious products. Chipkos and its 'Stand for the Planet' rain forest adoption campaign have been featured by TIME, NY Magazine, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, AOL, Huffington Post, TreeHugger, Glamour Magazine and many more. Rated #1 Charitable Gift by The Daily Muse.

Chipkos takes its inspiration from The Chipko Movement, a historic environmental effort which first took place in India in the 17th century. Indigenous villagers protested against the logging of their land by literally attaching themselves to their trees. 'Chipko' is a sanskirt word that means 'to stick'. By 'sticking' to their trees, these villagers were, in a sense, the first treehuggers, and the Chipko Movement was the first group environmental effort ever recorded in history.

Our Practices

We believe that it's our duty to create products that you love in a socially and environmentally responsible way. We are proud of our Four Tier approach to produce a lighter footprint on the planet:

Even our work environment has been specially engineered to minimize environmental strain. We are a near paperless company, and our office is solar powered.

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